Auger Dredges & Dredging Equipment Manufacturer

Why Mud Cat?

Mud Cat and its affiliates are the largest group of dredge companies in the Americas.
  • Invented The Auger Dredge In 1971.
  • Sold More Auger Dredges Than Any Supplier Worldwide.
  • One Truck Transportable.
  • No Assembly Required
  • Creates Even Bottom Profile
  • Electric And Diesel Powered Models
  • More Repeat Buyers Than Other Auger Dredge Builders
  • Longest Useful Life Cycle In The Auger Dredge Industry


Today Mud Cat has sold hundreds of dredging systems to over 60 countries around the globe.

  • One Truck Transportable
  • Dredges Delivered To Over 60 Countries
  • Short Lead Times on Standard Models
  • Global Service & Support

Dredging Applications

Used in Agriculture, Industrial, Mining, Water & Wastewater, and Waterway Applications.

Innovation     |     Quality     |     Support

Mud Cat is recognized around the world as an iconic brand synonymous with the word “dredge.” Over a billion cubic meters of sand, sludge, mud and hazardous waste have been dredged with Mud Cat dredges.

“The only way to stop a Mud Cat…is to turn off the key.”