Bay West is Dredging Gruber’s Grove Bay in Lake Wisconsin Using a Mud Cat MC-2000 Dredge

Diesel Dredge

Bay West, Inc., an environmental and industrial services company with headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, has purchased an Mud Cat hydraulic dredge for use in contaminated sediment cleanup projects.

The Mud Cat MC-2000 dredge utilizes a 24-inch diameter, 22,000 pound torque horizontal auger to combine sediments and water into a slurry that is hydraulically transported to a dewatering area via a 10-inch pipe.

Bay West says the dredge is ideal for multiple types of projects in remote locations, is transportable on one truck, minimizes turbidity with an adjustable shroud, and is efficient in lakes, bays, and rivers.

The company says the MC-2000 is effective on various types of operations, from removal of sediment and sludge to recovery of fly ash and tailings.

Bay West is using the dredge to remove contaminated river sediments from Gruber’s Grove Bay in Lake Wisconsin. The dredge is pumping the material into geotextile bags, which will be buried for permanent containment.

Bay West provides environmental, industrial, marine, and emergency services to commercial and government customers nationally and has offices in St. Paul, Minnesota and Kansas City, Kansas, and project offices in Baraboo, Wisconsin, Seattle, Washington, Kellogg, Idaho, Hastings, Nebraska, and Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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