Manned Diesel Auger Dredges

Mud Cat has been a global leader in the dredging industry since inventing the first auger dredge in the 1970s.  Most of the first Mud Cat dredges are still in operation today, and many have been to multiple countries around the globe.

Mud Cat diesel auger dredges are easy to operate and designed for dredging applications, including industrial, agriculture, mining, water and wastewater, waterways, wetland, and stormwater projects.

Mud Cat diesel auger dredges are available in three standard models, the MC 115D, MC 225D, and MC 275.  Each model has unique features and benefits that separate them from the competition. All systems are designed for maximum versatility and transportability.  Most importantly, the Mud Cat name means you will get the best value and durability in the industry for the life of your equipment.

Standard Diesel Dredge Models Include:

Mud Cat 115D

This model was was designed to be a durable, productive, transportable, safe, and affordable dredge for entry-level buyers or operations on a budget.  The controls can be learned quickly, and maintenance is simple. The system boasts a powerful 125 HP (93 kW) diesel engine, 2,000 GPM (454m3/hr.) dredge pump, and a powerful cutterhead with the patented Pump Defender for reducing downtime in debris rich environments by up to 80%. 

The MC 115D has options for a Transport / Launch / Retrieve Trailer (TLR Trailer) and the patented WeedMaster Cutterhead that converts it to a hydraulic weed harvesting machine that can pump vegetation to shore as well as optional outboard motors for self-propulsion in non-compact materials.

Mud Cat Diesel Dredge 115D - 3D Drawing
Mud Cat Diesel Dredge 225D - 3D Drawing

Mud Cat 225D

This model is the longest-lasting auger dredge in the industry. The MC 225D is a one-truck transportable dredge that has completed more industrial, agricultural, mining, and stormwater pond projects around the world than any other diesel dredging system.  

The MC 225D is utilized by the leading environmental contractors around the globe. The easy to use controls are stationed in a comfortable climate-controlled operator’s cabin. 

The MC 225D comes in two cutterhead configurations.  The 815 Cutter is a higher torque designed for consolidated materials, and the 727 Cutter is a high shroud design for maximum solids intake.  The 230 HP (172kW) engine powers a 2,000 GPM (453m3/hr.) hi-chrome slurry pump with up to 120 ft. (36.6m) head.

Mud Cat 275D

This model is the flagship of the Mud Cat diesel dredge product line designed to beat every global competitor on every vital performance spec. The MC 275D has a class winning state-of-the-art climate-controlled cab with dual 10-inch IQAN displays for instrumentation and back-up camera display, joystick controls, jump seat (for deckhand), and LED lights.

The system is one truck transportable and comes standard with a powerful cable drive system as well as a robust dual marine prop drive system for transport down waterways and self-propelled dredging.  The 275D boasts a powerful 300 HP (224 kW) diesel engine that powers a hi-chrome 3,000 GPM (681m3/hr.) slurry pump and aggressive 23,885 in-lbs torque cutterhead.  The dredge cuts an even bottom profile down to a max depth of 25 ft. (7.6m).

Mud Cat Diesel Dredge 275D - 3D Drawing

All Mud Cat diesel auger dredges are manufactured at Ellicott Dredge Technology’s ISO 9001:2015 Certified Factory in New Richmond, WI using the highest-grade components and steel sourced from North American mills.  For further information about our diesel auger dredges, contact us today.