Hedger Aggregate Chooses Mud Cat for Sand Wash Plant Pond Maintenance

Wash plant pond dredging

JONESBORO, AR USA – Ellicott Dredge Technologies (EDT) is pleased to announce the sale of a Mud Cat® Model MC 115D to Hedger Aggregate to perform routine maintenance dredging of their sand wash plant ponds. The dredge was purchased after looking at several other auger dredge suppliers in the United States.

The MC 115D will be used for continuous maintenance to maintain storage capacity in Hedger’s settling ponds. The MC 115D Solidsmaster® cutterhead will excavate fine particle wash plant tailings from 1 ft. (0.3 m) to 8 ft. (2.4 m) depth. The 8 in. (203 mm) LP pump on the 115D will pump the slurry 600+ft. (183 m) to Hedger’s dewatering site.

“EDT Engineering designed the MC 115D as a cost-effective heavy-duty dredge with maximum stability, versatility, and production for the footprint. It is double the production of its closest competitor and is a robust and stable design that puts operator safety first,” said Ryan Horton, EDT Vice President.

The MC 115D was designed around the premise of making a durable, productive, transportable, safe,and affordable dredge for entry-level buyers or operations on a budget. The IP-55 outdoor-rated controls are learned quickly, and maintenance is very simple. The system runs on a 125 HP (93 kW) John Deere® Marine Tier 3 Engine that powers a 2,000 gpm (454m3/hr.) stand tested slurry pump with a certified pump curve.

The aggressive SolidsMaster® cutterhead with patented Pump Defender reduces downtime in debris rich environments by up to 80%. The MC 115D can be equipped with Mud Cat’s Radio SenseTM radio remote control technology allowing the operator to remotely operate the dredge in hazardous environments up to 1,000 ft. (305 m) away by line of sight. In addition, the MC 115D can be converted to a weed harvester with the addition of the patented WeedMaster® cutterhead, which cuts and pumps vegetation to the discharge area without re-handling.

The MC 115D comes standard with a cable drive propulsion winch system for dredging in various materials with optional dual outboard motors for self-propulsion in non-compacted materials.

“EDT Engineering paid close attention to design details. Finite design elements include a dismountable design that can ship in three pieces in two forty-foot ocean containers, quick disconnect hydraulic fittings for switching the SolidsMaster® and WeedMaster® cutterheads quickly, outdoor-rated controls, and the easiest controls in the industry,” said Horton.

In addition to the Hedger Aggregate sale, EDT recently shipped two units to Australia for mine tailings pond maintenance to two different customers, a unit to SE Asia for a water treatment pond project, and, most recently, a unit to a marina on the US East Coast.

The MC 115D is ideal for industrial settling ponds, mine tailings ponds, water treatment plants, agriculture ponds, municipal wastewater ponds, marinas, canals, and small lakes. 

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