Industrial Pond Dredging

Mud Cat dredges are used by the world’s leading industrial companies and environmental contractors. Mud Cat dredges can be used in a variety of industrial applications including, but not limited to:

  • Industrial accident clean-up
  • Food processing plants
  • Landfill operators
  • Steel Mills
  • Pulp and Paper companies
  • Paint pigment plants

Mud Cat dredges can operate in lined and unlined industrial lagoons and can be partially automated or fully automated and controlled from a remote location if the pond is too hazardous. Mud Cat Engineers can work with you to design custom systems that have the appropriate metallurgy and outer coatings to handle the harshest acidic and basic environments.

Mud Cat Dredges operating in Industrial Environments

A diesel powered radio remote controlled Mud Cat cleans out Dow Chemical plant lagoon.

A Mud Cat 40E cleans out a papermill lagoon for Wausau Paper in Wisconsin.

A Mud Cat 225D cleans out a lagoon for American Cast Iron. This is their second Mud Cat 225D. Their original unit lasted over 30+ years.

A Mud Cat 275D cleans out a papermill lagoon at an International Paper facility.

A contractor uses a Mud Cat custom electric dredge to clean out a slag lagoon at a steel plant in Ohio.

A contractor cleans out a papermill lagoon on the East Coast.

One of Eagle Dynamic Solutions two Mud Cat 115D dredging systems cleans out a papermill lagoon in Georgia.

A Mud Cat 115D harvests cattails with the patented WeedMaster cutterhead prior to switching to the SolidsMaster cutterhead to remove the papermill sludge.

A Mud Cat MC 30E custom remote-control dredge cleans out a wastewater lagoon at a Dow Chemical facility in Brazil.


Industrial pond dredge

Kerr-McGee Dredging Case Study

Application: Clean and dredge paint pigment residuals Dredge Used: EDT 7MAU Series Mud Cat™ Dredge Project Summary: Electric manned automated dredge