Leading the Evolution in Dredging Technology

MudCat Dredges leads globally, providing diesel and electric dredges for
various projects like industry, farming, mining, water systems, wetlands, Etc.

Our Dredges

Diesel Dredge

Features :

Superior Pump Design: 8 in. (203 mm) Ladder mounted pump for up to 5% higher solids. Lightweight and easy to fix with simple hand tools. No complicated seals or special tooling.

Mud Cat Engineered: Designed by Mud Cat’s expert group of engineers and made in the USA from 100% USA content. MudCat invented the auger dredge and still leads the industry in technology, quality, and support.

Transportability & Launching: Ships on one truck fully assembled. Dredge fits on a 40 ft. flat rack with cutterhead and marine props removed. Reduces ocean freight and insures proper quality control over dredges that are completely disassembled.

Vegetation Cutterhead: Optional WeedMaster cutterhead converts the MC 115D, MC-275D and MC 225D into a hydraulic weed harvesting system that will cut hyacinths, reeds, and other types of vegetation into small pieces and pump them to a remote discharge site (requires open impeller).

Electric Dredges

Features :

Cast Iron Pump: Volute and impeller have a longer lifespan than fabricated steel pumps.

Larger Sphere Passage: Less clogging than fabricated steel pumps on competitors’ dredges

Electric Submersible Pump: Requires less maintenance on seals and bearings than pumps powered by long drive shafts.

4-Wheel Liner Protection System: Uses 4 wheels instead of 2, drastically reducing the chance of costly poly lagoon liner damage. The pump will never hit or drag on a liner like hanging pump units.

Faster Cutting Speed:System moves at double the speed of other auger remote controlled dredges increasing productivity.

Customization: Available with stainless hull and components, various coatings, low profile design for low bridges, slurry pump options. Special requests are welcome.

Why choose us

Mud Cat and its affiliates are the largest group of dredge companies in the Americas.


Ricardo Dazahev Farias Zarate
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Great dredges, we have a 300 sl and 460 sl. did couple modifacations to accomplish our needs in the 460 sl but the rest is just great, and the services from the staff of engineers very good, we are in mexico and they always solve all our problems by phone or mail.
Cal Brecka
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Very welcoming. They make really interesting product.
Robert Larson
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I work here great staff to work with good place to work

frequently asked questions

Guidance on selecting the appropriate dredge based on project requirements, such as water depth, material type, production rate, and environmental considerations, along with recommendations from experienced dredging specialists.

Information on the company’s maintenance programs, spare parts availability, technical support, training services, and aftermarket support to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and longevity of the dredging equipment.

Our dredges are designed to be efficient, powerful, and reliable. We make sure they’re easy to operate and maintain, so our customers can get their job done without any hassle. Plus, we provide excellent support and service wherever you are in the world.

The time it takes to dredge depends on various factors like the size of the area, the type of material being dredged, and the equipment used. Small projects might take a few days, while larger ones could take weeks or even months.

Mud Cat diesel auger dredges are used for dredging applications, including industrial, agriculture, mining, water and wastewater, waterways, wetland, and stormwater projects.

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