Working With Mud Cat


We work closely with our clients to analyze their project requirements and determine which Diesel or Electric dredge configuration and accessories will optimize project performance.  Every member of the sales team has a minimum of 20 years of dredge sales experience and a minimum of 30+ countries in their experience portfolio.  Our sales team is here to help you choose the right dredge for your project. 


We keep most standard models in stock to meet immediate project requirements.  Delivery can be arranged anywhere in the world through our logistics department.  Each geographic location has different requirements and our logistics and sales team assist with getting shipping, insurance, and export documentation to help make the process as pain free as possible.


Our Field Service Department is the largest dredge field service staff in North America.  Our professional and seasoned team has started up dredges in more than 60 countries and has experience operating in remote areas that sometimes require critical problem solving.  Our technicians are highly respected in the dredging industry for their training and problem-solving skills.


We keep a multi-million-dollar parts inventory to reduce downtime as much as possible for our clients.  We are located 50 minutes from Minneapolis – St. Paul International Airport and can ship most parts out same day to anywhere in the world.  Our technicians provide free phone and e-mail support to new dredge buyers for the life of the equipment.  If a major issue arrives during the warranty period one of our technicians can travel to the site if required to perform the repairs and replace components.  Our support is top tier and that is why over 50% of our customers own more than one Mud Cat.