Mud Cat Continues to Innovate with New MC 115D Dredge

Mud Cat 115D

NEW RICHMOND, WI USA – Building off the success of the 8in. (203mm) discharge Mud Cat® MC 115D dredging system, Ellicott Dredge Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of the 2021 Model Mud Cat MC 115D. The new stand-out features on the MC 115D are the standard climate-controlled operator’s cabin and optional hydraulic-tilt Transport – Launch – Retrieve Trailer (TLR Trailer). The new 2021 design has already been purchased by Merrell Bros, a national biosolids management firm, and the City of Peoria, Illinois Parks.

“The climate-controlled operator’s cab comes standard with an air conditioner, heater, fan, IQAN control interface, fingertip controls, oversize analog gauges, digital depth gauge, windshield wiper, horns, and USB port. The TLR trailer allows for the dredge to be transported, launched, and retrieved without the use of a crane which results in measurable and significant cost savings over the useful life of the equipment which is typically 30-40+ years with Mud Cat® dredges.

The 2,000 gpm (454m3/hrs.) abrasive resistant slurry pump coupled with the 15 ft. (4.57m) cutting depth allows for versatile performance range for the size and price point of the dredge.

“At first glance it looks like a basic auger dredge, but when you look at the spec you realize the dredge has incredible versatility and is loaded with unique features. Standard features like the climate-controlled cab, patented Pump Defender® for up to 80% less downtime, rapid clean-out ports on the cutter and pump, quick disconnect hydraulics for cutter changes, and a slurry density sample line are some of the value-added standard features the design team packed into the MC 115D dredge system. Then you have an arsenal of options like the WeedMaster® Cutterhead, Broadcaster spray discharge attachment, outboard propulsion system, radio remote control, and flow and density meters for monitoring pump performance,” said Ryan Horton, EDT Vice President.

Additionally, the MC 115D comes standard with both the EnviroMaster™ cutterbar, for dredging thick sludges and lighter materials, and the SolidsMaster™ cutterbar, for dredging sand and more compact materials. The cutterbars fit in the low-turbidity environmental cutter shroud and can be quickly switched using simple hand tools. The patented WeedMaster™ cutterhead can be added in place of the dredge cutterhead converting the MC 115D into a hydraulic weed harvester that can cut and pump reeds, cattails, hyacinths, and other types of vegetation over a thousand feet to shore without the use of a barge or workboat making the MC 115D a dual function dredger.

“Our number one priority was to design a versatile system that had the proper draft and freeboard for maximum stability and safety for the operator. Calculations were done for all options and configurations and then we went back and confirmed our math again and again to ensure our versatile design was safe. We are extremely happy we were able to load so many features into the dredge and keep it easy to transport and launch,” said John Gillis, EDT Mechanical Engineer.

The MC 115D is a small dredge contractor’s dream machine that is ideal for cleaning small and large ponds in the industrial, wastewater, stormwater, mining, and recreational sectors. There are more than 1,000 Mud Cat brand dredges operating around the world. All Mud Cat dredges are manufactured at EDT’s ISO 9001:2015 certified factory using the highest-grade US made components and steel sourced exclusively from North America. For more information on how to book your Mud Cat 115D for the Spring dredging season, please contact [email protected] or 913-642-5100.

“The only way to stop a Mud Cat…is to turn off the key.”

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