Mud Cat Introduces Modern MC-275D Flagship Dredge

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WISCONSIN, USA – Ellicott Dredge Technologies (EDT) introduces the new Mud Cat MC-275D as the flagship auger dredge to lead its Mud Cat product line. The modernized Mud Cat MC-275D is a modular system that offers unique cutting, pumping, and propulsion features at an affordable price.

“We designed a dredge system that can work in both hard and soft materials, dredge abrasive material and harvest vegetation, operate at 25 ft. (7.6 m) depth with positive down force, work in debris rich environments and easily disassemble for shipping in ocean containers to reduce freight costs anywhere in the world,” said Ryan Horton, Vice President of Sales for EDT. “We are making our core customer more competitive by increasing their versatility while reducing their capital investment on different types of dredges that can all be replaced with the MC-275D. We are providing our customers with real value.”
The MC-275D is equipped with heavy-duty down force ladder cylinders to keep the 30,500 in-lbs. (3,450 N-m) torque cutterhead firmly in the cut. The angle of the cutterhead is adjustable with hydraulic cylinders to maximize cut efficiency. The unit comes standard with a high chrome 3,000 gpm (11,400 l/min) pump for abrasive slurry service with 4 in. (102 mm) solids clearance, but is available with an optional 8 in. (203 mm) solids clearance for high debris environments. EDT’s patent pending Pump Defender was added to the MC-275D cutterhead to allow for up to 80% less downtime than the competition in debris rich environments.

The standard marine prop drive system with 1,000 lbs. (450 kg) thrust allows for cable free dredging in soft materials or easy mobility around the job site. The cable drive is utilized when operating in harder materials like fly ash and sand.

In addition to its modular design for ocean transport, the MC-275D is equipped with a modern cab including the following features: dual joystick controls integrated into an ergonomic air ride chair, folding jump seat for deck hand / trainer, refrigerator, CANbus system with 10-inch color monitor, rear back up camera with color monitor, climate control, exterior LED lighting, marine grade stereo system, and easy to read digital controls in a modern dash console. Optional remote control system, flow meter, density meter, and Dredging GPS are all available.

“I have been in the dredging industry for 30 years and many of our competitors are delivering the same technology to the marketplace now as they did 30 years ago. The MC-275D will resonate with contractors who expect more out of their equipment than a basic cab with lever controls,” said DuWayne Richert, EDT Regional Sales Manager. “The price point is just as impressive as the capabilities of the MC-275D.”

The MC-275D is designed with port and starboard entry points for the deck and cab to maximize crew safety. High visibility paint and a clean deck equipment layout make the MC-275D user friendly. The cutterhead and pump include quick-release hatches for fast and easy debris removal.

“You don’t see many industrial or commercial products last as long as a Mud Cat. There are still hundreds of units operating 40+ years strong around the globe. When is the last time you used or operated something for 40 years? This is what our clients expect from a Mud Cat, this is the legacy that continues with the modern MC-275D and this is why our motto is still ‘The only way to stop a Mud Cat…is to turn off the key,’” said Horton.

Mud Cat invented the auger dredge and continues to lead the one truck portable dredge industry for advances in environmental cutterhead dredge technology including remote controlled, automated, and ROV dredge systems.

View the MC-275D Specifications.

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