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Over the years, Mud Cat dredges have received many favorable reviews from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) when being evaluated for use in critical government projects.

According to a demonstration done by the EPA Office of Research and Development the Mud Cat dredge lived up to its design criteria of being an efficient means of removing sediment from ponds and lakes up to 10.5 feet in depth.” In addition, the report mentioned “the dredged slurry can be pumped to a remote site for disposal, thus eliminating the near shore mess that is usually associated with conventional dragline operations. The engine and pump on the Mud Cat permit[ed] the slurry to be moved up to 3000 feet from the lake without the use of a booster pump.”

Another article written by the EPA Hazardous Waste Engineering Laboratory highlighted the cost-benefit associated with Mud Cat dredging. It stated the “estimated costs for dredging with a clamshell machine, not including disposal of sediment, is $15/yd3 of sediment. The cost for dredging with a Mud Cat is estimated to be $5/yd3 of material removed, not including disposal.”

In the Implementation of Innovative Dredging Techniques in the Chesapeake Bay Region, written byChesapeake Bay Program EPA, Mud Cat dredge was “evaluated as a mechanism for removal of polluted sediments. It was noted that the resuspension of the dredged material was minimal and that 99.3 percent of the four materials tested were effectively removed. The Mud Cat dredge [was] reportedly convenient and easy to use, especially in shallow areas. Its hydraulically adjustable mudshield help[ed] reduce turbidity ‘to a minimum, a very important factor which makes the Mud Cat dredge valuable in removing polluted materials from bottom sediments.”

Mud Cat dredges remain a cost-effective, reliable, and user-friendly choice for removing sediment and sludge from ponds, lakes, rivers and wastewater projects.

Excerpts taken from www.EPA.gov

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