Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District Commissions Two New Mud Cat® Dredges and Booster Stations

Lagoon dredge

CALIFORNIA, USA – Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District recently commissioned two Mud Cat 225D units each with their own industrial grinding system and booster station. The dredges were purchased under tender to clean out multiple municipal wastewater ponds in the size range of approximately 450 ft. (137m) x 750 ft. (229m). The new dredges will replace the original Mud Cat dredges put into service 38 years ago in 1982.

One of Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District’s new Mud Cat 225D units removes a uniform layer of sludge at high speed with minimal disturbance.

The Mud Cat 225D dredges are pumping municipal wastewater sludge that contains mop heads, hygiene products and rags to skid mounted industrial grinders and then on to skid mounted Mud Cat 1008BP booster pump stations. Each dredge and booster have a combined 250 ft. TDH with the ability to pump a maximum pumping distance up to 10,000 ft. (3,049m). The discharge is continuous from the dredge to the tractor mounted sludge injection system located almost two miles away making it a unique system set-up.

Each dredge and booster station are built with Tier 4 Final Engines approved by California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The dredge operators control the booster pumps via the radio link systems designed by Mud Cat engineers.

“In order to earn Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District’s business on this tender we put together a system that met all their requirements from emissions, to debris handling, to system head pressure in addition to our standard industry leading product features. We did not just propose a dredge, but instead we sold a long-term solution that will meet Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District’s maintenance requirements for another 38+ years. That is our approach and how we stand out from the field of competitors,” said DuWayne Richert, Regional Sales Manager at Ellicott Dredge Technologies.

The one truck transportable Mud Cat 225D dredges down to 15 ft. (4.6m) depth and is equipped with the 727 style EnviroMaster cutterhead designed for maximum solids intake by conveying a higher percent solids concentration to the pump vortex than competitors cutterheads.

A flow and density meter were added on board the Mud Cat 225D dredge units to optimize percent solids and flow to maximize operational efficiency.

“We are very excited to continue working with Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District. Having a customer use your product for 38 years and then deciding to buy from you again is the greatest compliment you can get in any business,” said Ryan Horton, Vice President, of Ellicott Dredge Technologies.

As seen in World Dredging (PDF).

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The MC 225D is a one-truck transportable self-propelled dredge that has completed more industrial, agricultural, mining, and stormwater pond projects around the world than any other diesel dredging system. This dredge was purchased by a repeat customer after the first dredge was a complete success.