All Mud Cat E-Series electric dredges come standard with a heavy-duty radio remote control belly bucket with digital depth gauge.  Other features can be added like a flow and density meter or Mud Cat’s Solids Sense technology which sets a target solids percentage and slows down or speeds up the travel speed to meet the desired goal.

Did you know that Mud Cat also offers a radio remote control for all D-Series models?  All new Mud Cat units sold from the factory can have a radio remote control added as an optional feature.  The factory can install and finish programming the remote-control system in about 48 hrs. to a stock Mud Cat.  This is only offered on brand new Mud Cat units and is not available for retrofits to used units.

Here are the benefits of adding a remote control to your Mud Cat D-Series diesel dredge when you purchase:

  1. SAFETY: Allows you to work in dangerous toxic environments like high H2S ponds or PCB contaminated materials.  Sometimes the facility requires remote control operation as standard operating procedure, so having this tool in your arsenal adds value to your operation.
  2. COST: The cost is under $10,000 and the benefit is that it opens you up to a wider variety of projects than solely manned diesel dredge projects.
  3. WEATHER: It can be used to operate the dredge during inclement weather when it would be dangerous for an operator to be on board the dredge.
  4. EFFICIENCY & FLEXIBILITY: The system operates up to 1,000 ft. away (line of sight) from the dredge, giving your operator the flexibility to check on nearby dewatering equipment while actively dredging.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: The Mud Cat radio remote add-on gives you the advantage over the competition by allowing you to dredge where they cannot, all for a small investment.

Most importantly adding a radio remote control to your Mud Cat MC 115D, MC 225D, or MC 275D is going to increase your versatility and make you more competitive on dredging contracts.  There is a good chance that you have run into a project where having a radio remote control could give you a leg up over the competition.  May contractors can’t bid on high H2S (Hydrogen sulfide) projects because they don’t have a remote-control option for their diesel dredge.  Electric remote-controlled dredges are always an option, but production is typically lower, and some lagoon sites don’t have power readily available.  The difference between success and failure is having a Mud Cat D-Series with optional radio remote control.  Plant operators are becoming more demanding for unmanned dredges for lagoon clean-outs due to safety and liability over poisonous H2S pockets in the lagoons which can be released to unsafe levels as the dredge progresses into its cut.  This is why companies like Eagle Dynamic Solutions, Dow Chemical and others have purchased the Mud Cat radio remote system with their Mud Cat diesel dredge.

The Mud Cat D-Series radio remote control option comes from Mud Cat’s electric dredge product line called the E-Series.  For decades Mud Cat has produced more radio remote controlled auger dredges than any other supplier in the world.  It was only natural to transition this value-added technology to the Mud Cat D-Series.  The technology has been proven hundreds of times over and is extremely affordable to add to any D-Series model.  Some competitors will boast about their full dash systems that can be controlled from shore, but these are heavy, cumbersome, and very expensive at $90,000.  The same can be accomplished with a Mud Cat D-Series remote control system.  Plus, if you are working in a tough industrial site and the remote gets lost, stolen, or vandalized the Mud Cat option is much more affordable to replace.

More and more Mud Cat customers are adding this optional feature to their Mud Cat D-Series as it gives them an edge over the competition.  There was a recent project where a dredge was rented and it did not have a remote, so the plant safety officer would not allow the work to proceed.  Meanwhile the lagoon capacity continued to become an issue.  This is why it is becoming more important to have a remote control for your dredge.

Furthermore, labor is becoming a much more difficult issue for dredge contractors just like every other business.  When you require anchormen on shore to move anchor points after the dredge has completed its multiple passes and needs to move to the next set of cut you can’t have the operator paddle to shore and help out.  By adding a remote control to your dredge, the operator is on shore and can help reset anchors or ratchet the traverse line over to the next cut.  This can save a dredge operation $4,000 to $5,000 a month.  Essentially the remote control pays for itself in two months or less.

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