The City of Pocatello Replaces Their Mud Cat After 32 Years of Operation

Diesel Dredge

POCATELLO, IDAHO – Ellicott DredgeTechnologies (EDT) is pleased to announce the repeat sale of a Mud Cat® auger style cutterhead dredge to the City of Pocatello’s Water Pollution Control Department (WPC). The city replaced their 32-year-old Mud Cat MC-815 with Mud Cat’s updated MC- 225D with 815 style cutterhead. Mud Cat was selected over multiple US bidders and was the only supplier with an ISO 9001:2015 certified factory.

“We are extremely pleased with the new dredge. The operators love the new cab and keep commenting on how spacious and quiet it is. We have always had a great working relationship with your company and your fantastic Customer Service department. They are the reason we can keep our Mud Cat working so well and for so long,” said Beau Sharfen, City of Pocatello WPC.

Mud Cat delivered the new 225D system and provided onsite training, including safety, operations, and maintenance. The city outfitted the Mud Cat MC-225D with liner protection wheels and a 4-point anchor system for traversing pond lengths up to 1,000 ft. (305 m) and cleaning to depths of 15 ft. (4.6 m). The 815 cutterhead with hydraulically adjustable mud shield allows for turbidity control, solids control, and efficient above water solids removal.

“We appreciate the city’s confidence in our quality, performance, and customer service. There is no better reference than a client that uses your product for 32 years and then re-orders the current model when their existing system is still fully operational. We continuously hear from clients in remote areas of the world who are still operating their units 40+ years later. It is a testament to our product quality and commitment to our clients,” said Ryan Horton, EDT Vice President.

The Mud Cat MC-225D is ideal for wastewater, industrial, and tailings pond clean-up projects. More than 1,000 Mud Cat brand dredges are operating around the world. Mud Cat units are made in an ISO 9001:2015 certified factory using the highest-grade components and steel sourced exclusively from North America. 

“The only way to stop a Mud Cat…is to turn off the key.”

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The MC 225D is a one-truck transportable self-propelled dredge that has completed more industrial, agricultural, mining, and stormwater pond projects around the world than any other diesel dredging system. This dredge was purchased by a repeat customer after the first dredge was a complete success.