Lakes & Waterway DREDGING

Mud Cat is recognized around the world as the inventor of the horizontal auger maintenance / environmental dredging system. Today there are 1,000 Mud Cat (and EDT) units in operation around the globe. Mud Cat dredges can be used in a wide variety of waterways including, but not limited to:

  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • Canals
  • Marinas
  • Ports
  • Beach fronts
  • Channels

Mud Cat dredges are proven in all inland dredging applications. More Mud Cat dredges are in operation in inland waterways around the globe than any other dredge manufacturer.

Mud Cat Dredges used in Lakes & Waterways

A Mud Cat D-Series cleans out a lake in Western Europe.

A Mud Cat 225D performs maintenance dredging at a marina in the Bahamas.

A Mud Cat 225D is towed to its job site on a river in China.

A Mud Cat 225D dredges oily sludge from an inland lake in Russia. The material was pumped to geotextile tubes on shore.

The City of Eureka, California uses their Mud Cat 20E to maintain their wastewater treatment plant.

A Mud Cat D-Series maintains a beach front on the East Coast, U.S.

A Mud Cat D-Series cleans out a lake at an U.S. armory.

Two Mud Cat D-Series dredges clean PCB’s from the Fox River.

A Mud Cat 225D in the Southern, U.S. cleans out a canal.

A contractor in Connecticut uses a Mud Cat 40E to reclaim a stormwater pond.

A Mud Cat 40E de-silts a docking area on a river in the U.S.

A Mud Cat 115D performs maintenance dredging at a marina in Wisconsin.

A contractor in Florida uses their Mud Cat 115D to clean out a residential lake.

The City of Peoria, Illinois Parks and Recreation uses their Mud Cat 115D to clean out various park ponds around the city.

A contractor cleans out a water intake system with a Mud Cat 100E on the Colombia River in Washington.

The City of Hannibal, Missouri uses their Mud Cat 115D to de-silt their marina on the Mississippi River. Mud Cat was awarded the project through a competitive tender.

A Mud Cat 275D is used for a phosphorous removal project on Lake Apopka in the Everglades in Florida.

A contractor in Texas cleans out a stormwater pond at a golf course using their Mud Cat 115D.

A Mud Cat 225D cleans out a city lake in Italy.