Mud Cat remote controlled and manned auger dredges are used by the top agriculture producers as well as independent farmers. Mud Cat dredges can be used in a variety of agricultural applications including, but not limited to:

  • Irrigation canal maintenance
  • Dairy lagoon dredging
  • Hog lagoon dredging
  • Lagoon cleaning and pumping to tanker trucks for land application or injection
  • Aquaculture pond cleaning
  • Peat bog maintenance

Mud Cat dredges can operate in lined and unlined lagoons and can be operated by one man, a remote control the size of a deck of cards, or fully automated depending on the size of the operation.

Mud Cat Dredges used in Agricultural Applications

A Mud Cat 225D cleans out a dairy lagoon in Michigan. Mud Cat is well known in the dairy industry for providing lagoon maintenance dredges for the past 50+ years.

Synagro uses their Mud Cat 40E to clean out a winery waste lagoon in California. Mud Cat electric dredges are commonly used at wineries and breweries like Coors.

A Mud Cat 40E cleans out an agriculture lagoon in Australia.

Tyson uses their Mud Cat 275D to clean out a pork processing lagoon in North Dakota.

A Mud Cat 40E cleans out a dairy lagoon and pumps into mechanical separation system to dewater.


Dairy lagoon dredge

Mud Cat at Home on Dairy Farm

In the midst of barns, fields and dairy cows, a shiny dredging machine looks a bit out of place. But such a machine, called the Mud Cat