Dredging Automation Options


The Mud Cat™ product line allows for remote control of the dredging operation via a portable hand held transmitter called RADIO REMOTE SENSE™. RMS controls the following functions: power on/off, travel direction and speed, slurry pump on/off and speed (if equipped with VFD), auger on/off and dredging depth. The hand held transmitter may be operated to a distance of 1,200 feet from the dredging unit. Current operating functions of the system will be indicated via a dredge mounted five-color light tree. 

Radio Remote Sense
low turbidity dredge cutterhead


Mud Cat’s BOTTOM SENSE™ system is designed to protect a pond’s subsurface or liner. This feature allows the dredge to automatically raise the auger when the bottom is contacted and lower the auger when the bottom is not present, thereby maximizing production rates while preserving the subsurface integrity by following the bottom contours of the pond.


Auto Sense incorporates metal plates that act as stops at the beginning and end of the traverse cable to set distance limits along the dredging area. With AUTO SENSE™ enabled, when the dredge contacts the forward cable stop it will reverse direction until it contacts the rear cable stop at which time the dredge will be placed in shut down mode.

Remote controlled dredge
Dredge radio remote control


If your downstream operation needs a consistent slurry density for maximum productivity, Mud Cat’s SOLIDS SENSE™ is your answer. Adding SOLIDS SENSE™ to your dredging process will allow the system to automatically adjust the dredging functions to maintain a constant delivery of desired solids density. SOLIDS SENSE™ utilizes a density meter to monitor the slurry and react to composition changes faster than an operator, thereby increasing system efficiency and maintaining the desired slurry characteristic.


When your project requires automated lateral movement, LATERAL SENSE™ is the perfect complement to AUTO SENSE™. In combination with a rail and cable system this feature allows for the automatic lateral shifting of the dredge after each linear pass. The utilization of AUTO & LATERAL SENSE™ allows the dredge to harvest an entire sediment pond automatically without requiring an operator’s assistance.
Automated dredge controls


Add as many options as you like and Mud Cat will integrate them into a fully automated remote controlled dredging system. This is achieved through the addition of a shore mounted control station. This, NEMA 4X, control panel allows the user to operate all onboard functions of the dredge while receiving continuous feedback from the unit’s sensors and instrumentations. The shore panel features wireless communication to the on board PLC which eliminates the problems associated with hard wired systems. Mud Cat can customize the shore panel control station to your specific project requirements.