Mud Cat 225D

Diesel Auger Dredge

The MC 225D– is the longest-lasting auger dredge in the industry. The MC 225D is a one-truck transportable self-propelled dredge that has completed more industrial, agricultural, mining, and stormwater pond projects around the world than any other diesel dredging system. The MC 225D is utilized by the leading environmental contractors around the globe.

Mud Cat 225D Dredge
Mud Cat 225D Diesel Dredge - 3D Drawing


The Mud Cat 225D comes standard with both the SolidsMaster cutter bar for dredging sand and more compact materials and the EnviroMaster for dredging thick sludges and lighter materials.

The cutterbars fit in the horizontal low-turbidity shroud equipped with rapid clean-out ports and the patented Pump Defender to reduce downtime related to clogging by up to 80%.  The shroud is adjustable with hydraulic cylinders.

Additionally, the dredge can be converted into a weed harvester with the patented WeedMaster Cutterhead®.

Diesel Dredge Animation


  • Nominal Pump Capacity – 2000 GPM (453 m³/hr) against 120 ft (36.6 m) head. Up to 124 yd³s /hr (95 m³/hr) of production at 30% solids content
  • Digging Depth – 6.1 m (20′)
  • Total Installed Power – 168 kW (225 HP)
  • Dry Weight – 8,850 kg (19,500 lbs.)
  • Discharge – 203 mm (8″) Low-Pressure Pump

Optional Equipment

  • Broadcaster discharge attachment
  • Radio remote control for operation in hazardous environments
  • Slurry sample line w/ on/off switch in the cab
  • Flow meter
  • Density Meter
  • GPS
  • Saltwater package (stainless steel hydraulic fittings, hardware, and zinc anodes)
  • Liner protection wheels
  • Spotlight w/ toggle switch in the cab
  • Patented WeedMaster Cutterhead®

Features & Benefits

Anti-Corrosion Package: Stainless steel hydraulic fittings, hydraulic lines, hardware, salt water coatings & sacrificial zinc anodes.

Superior Pump Design: Ladder mounted hi-chrome pump for higher solids and longer life in abrasive materials.

High Solids Pump: Passes 6 in. (152mm) spherical solids with recessed impeller for less clogging.

Adjustable Cutterhead: Low turbidity shrouded cutterhead with adjustable angle for maximum solids concentration.

Traverse Cable Drive System: Allows dredge to be pulled at high torque into materials for high solids concentration. Cable system is overhead and not a tripping hazard.

SolidsMaster Cutterbar®: Standard aggressive cutterbar for sand and other dense materials.

EnviroMaster CutterbarTM: Standard cutterbar for conveying viscous slurries to the pump w/minimal disturbance & maximum solids.

WeedMaster Cutterhead®:  Optional patented cutterhead converts the MC 225D into a hydraulic weed harvesting system that cuts hyacinths, reeds, and other types of vegetation into small pieces and pumps them to a remote discharge site. Quick disconnect hydraulics make the change simple.

Pump Defender®: Standard patented Pump Defender allows for cleaning of the pump inlet after every revolution of the cutterhead to greatly reduce down-time in debris rich environments by up to 80%.

Dredging Depth: 20 ft. (6.1m) standard dredging depth making it the deepest digging in its class.

Slurry Sample Line “Tattle Tail”: The standard Slurry Sample line allows the operator to see what they are pumping in real time and to make adjustments to the process to maximize solids and pumping efficiency.

Transportability & Launching: Dredge is one truck transportable & ships on a standard 40 ft. flat rack for export. Includes 2 lifting points on Starboard and 2 lift points on Port to accommodate a 4-point lift harness when launching by crane.

Mud Cat Engineered: Designed by Mud Cat’s expert group of engineers and made in the USA from 100% USA content. Mud Cat invented the auger dredge and the MC 225D is the basis for the entire auger dredge industry. 

1. This represents total flow capabilities of the pump – water and solids.

2. This represents theoretical maximum solids production.  This is calculated based on 25% solids by volume and 1 complete hour cutting and pumping material.  This estimate does not take into account material properties, time used for positioning, pumping distance or elevation. Buyer should consult Mud Cat for production estimates based specifically around their application.