Mud Cat 275D


The MC 275D – is the flagship of the Mud Cat diesel dredge product line designed to beat every global competitor on every vital performance spec. The MC 275D has a class winning state-of-the-art climate-controlled cab with dual 10-inch IQAN displays for instrumentation and back-up camera display, joystick controls, jump seat (for deckhand), and LED lights.

Mud Cat Diesel Dredge 275D - 3D Drawing
Mud Cat 275D Diesel Dredge - 3D Drawing

Portable & Powerful

This self-propelled dredging system is one truck transportable and comes standard with a powerful cable drive system as well as a robust dual marine prop drive system for transport down waterways and self-propelled dredging.

The 275D boasts a powerful 300 HP (224 kW) diesel engine that powers a hi-chrome 3,000 GPM.

Diesel Dredge Animation


  • Nominal Capacity – 3,000GPM (681 m3/hr) against 140 ft (42.7 m) head. Up to 267 yds³/hr (204 m³/hr) of production at 30% solids content. Results may vary.
  • Digging Depth – 7.6 m (25′)
  • Total Installed Power – 224 kW (300 HP)
  • Dry Weight – 15,400 kg (30,500 lbs)
  • Discharge – 203 mm (8″)

Optional Equipment

  • WeedMaster Cutterhead (patented) to convert to hydraulic weed harvester
  • Flow Meter
  • Density Meter
  • Liner Protection Wheels
  • Broadcaster Discharge Attachment
  • GPS System (w/sub-meter accuracy)
  • Stainless steel components and / or hull
  • Pipe, hose, floats
  • Spotlight
  • Remote control option for hazardous environments
  • Partial and full automation packages

Features & Benefits

Superior Pump Design: 8 in. (203 mm) x 10 in. (254 mm) hard iron 500 BHN pump for minimal ware in abrasive slurries.

High Solids Impellers: Standard impeller passes 4 in (101 mm) spherical solids. 

Versatile Propulsion: 

  • Cable Drive for use in sand and other consolidated materials where positive line-pull is ideal. Cable drive is also recommended in currents and windy conditions.
  • Dual Marine Prop Drive for use in light silts and sludges in calm water environments. Ideal for larger lakes where cabling can be difficult. GPS system is beneficial when using prop drive.

Powerful Cutterhead:  23,885 in-lbs torque for superior excavation.

Dredging Depth: 25 ft. (7.6 m) standard dredging depth allows for greater project versatility.

Modern Operator’s Cab: Spacious, climate-controlled operators cabin with electronic over hydraulic controls, rear back up camera, digital depth gauge, CANbus system for easy troubleshooting with a factory, jump seat for deckhand/trainer, and electrical outlet.

Pump Defender: Allows for cleaning of the pump inlet after every revolution of the cutterhead to greatly reduce down-time in debris rich environments by up to 80%.

One Truck Transportable: Ships on one truck fully assembled. Dredge fits on a 40 ft. flat rack with cutterhead and marine props removed. Reduces ocean freight and insures proper quality control over dredges that are completely disassembled.

Vegetation Cutterhead: Optional WeedMaster® cutterhead converts the MC-275D into a hydraulic weed harvesting system that will cut hyacinths, reeds, and other types of vegetation into small pieces and pump them up to 3,280 ft. (1 km) away (includes open impeller pump option).

1 This represents total flow capabilities of the pump – water and solids.

2 This represents theoretical maximum solids production.  This is calculated based on 25% solids by volume and 1 complete hour cutting and pumping material.  This estimate does not take into account material properties, time used for positioning, pumping distance or elevation. Buyer should consult Mud Cat for production estimates based specifically around their application.